Why hire a Forensic Data Analyst with TeamSecure?

Forensic Data Analyst - staffing

Forensic Data Analyst

Digital forensics is a term that encapsulates a variety of forensic services related to uncovering fraudulent activity on digital systems and storage devices. Data forensics can involve many different tasks, including data recovery or data tracking. Data forensics might focus on recovering information on the use of a mobile device, computer or other device. It might cover the tracking of phone calls, texts or emails through a network.

Being a forensic data analyst requires expertise in computer forensics, meaning network forensic tools, database analysis tools, file analysis tools, OS analysis tools and many more. The main forensic tools are Volatility – to perform volatile memory forensics, EnCase – file analyze tool, MailXaminer – email analysis, REGA – windows registry analysis, etc.

Increasing demand for Forensic Data Analyst in Romania

The global race for recruiting highly skilled Forensic Data Analyst has been intensifying and is creating a shortage in the market, especially in Romania. We at Team Secure specialize in identifying top cyber-security staff and matching them with the appropriate jobs. Our staffing professionals are able to draw from a large pool of highly skilled and experienced Forensic Data Analyst candidates and based on our experience in the security field we are able evaluate a potential candidate’s skills, qualifications, and experience to provide a perfect-fit candidate for our customers.

Increasing demand for Forensic Data Analyst in Romania
Hire a Forensic Data Analyst - staffing

Our People Matter

A thriving business needs thriving employees. For us at Team Secure, our employees health and wellbeing matters; our employees not only contribute to the growth of our organization, but at the same time they are using their skills, knowledge, and talents to achieve personal fulfillment.


Are there any upfront recruiting or contractual costs when hiring a Forensic Data Analyst with Team Secure?

Yes. We require an initial deposit that will be applied as a credit to your first invoice once you hire your Forensic Data Analyst. If you decide not to move forward, your deposit will be completely refunded.

How do I get started? How do I hire my Forensic Data Analyst resource?

We've made this process as simple as possible, all you need to do is go to https://order.teamsecure.io, just fill the form and one of our experts will write you back within 24-48 hours to get your account setup. That easy!

What payment methods do you accept?

We primarily work with bank wires and typically work in the following currencies : EUR, CHF, USD and GBP. For smaller amounts, we do accept payments with all major credit cards.

Can my Forensic Data Analyst work from our company offices?

Yes. On-site deployment of Forensic Data Analyst staff is available upon request. All Team Secure employees will have final say in relocation because the hapiness of our specialists is a top priority for us.

All cost of living adjustments & relocation fees are passed along to the client. We recommend this type of arragement for 3-6 month periods. Client's seeking long-term on-site relocation are advised to let Team Secure know in advance so we may hire specific Forensic Data Analyst candidates looking for relocation.

Why don't you allow Forensic Data Analyst to work from home or remotely?

Being a security company, Team Secure is known to be strict on employees following the internal protocols and security guidelines, from access control to storing any documents and code worked on that relates to the Intellectual Property (IP) of our clients. Remote work, and freelancing is great as a concept, but our clients, Fortune 500 companies and governments in particular, are very keen to make sure the IP of what their Forensic Data Analyst works on, is safely guarded.

How much should I budget to hire a Forensic Data Analyst with Team Secure?

We started Team Secure with a goal in mind: to offer top cyber security services to our clients and build a community of cyber security specialists, regardless of location. We recruit and employ your Forensic Data Analyst directly, on your behalf. We pay all the employements taxes, and employment contribution to the state. Hassle-free for you. No complicated paperwork, no administrative hassle for you. Simple economics you might say.

The market is in high demand for Forensic Data Analyst, and there is not enough Forensic Data Analyst to go around, therefore pricing around the world is high.

Who owns the legal rights of the work created by my Forensic Data Analyst?

You, the client! Our team works directly for you and upon full payment, all IP rights, products & code produced by Team Secure are your property.

Hire a Forensic Data Analyst

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